January 25, 2016 10:20 PM

The Franco brothers are up to something. Whether it’s fact or fiction-based is up for debate.

James, Dave Franco and lesser-known brother Tom are currently working together on the film The Disaster Artist, which revolves around the making of one of Hollywood’s most notoriously bad (and beloved) movies, The Room. As such James, who is directing and acting in the feature, has been teasing out a few facts about the project via Instagram.

On Jan. 25 he shared two photos, one in which brother Dave appears to be in line to audition for something. The elder Franco’s caption, “…when everyone is going out for the same role” doesn’t exactly specify what Dave or James are doing at said audition, but perhaps it’s an audition scene from The Disaster Artist?

The second photo celebrates the family’s brotherly love and provides a nice reminder/introduction of the fact that there is a third Franco brother named Tom.

“All 3 Franco brothers in 1 crazy movie!!!” James captioned the photo, in which he is nearly unrecognizable wearing sunglasses and sporting long hair. In The Disaster Artist, James plays infamous The Room producer, writer and star, Tommy Wiseau, while Dave stars as Greg Sestero, who wrote the tell-all book upon which the film is based.

No matter the “crazy” factor of their film, three Francos are better than one, right?

The Disaster Artist does not yet have a release date but is expected to hit theaters later this year.

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