James Franco created an app that allows users insider access to never-before-seen footage from his various creative projects.

By Kara Warner
December 12, 2015 01:15 AM

“It’s like being in bed with James Franco!”

So says a promising user review of James Franco‘s new app Rando Franco. True to his jack-of-all-trades, Renaissance Man form, Franco has joined the celebrity apps party and would like you all to join in on his fun – for free.

The recently-launched Rando Franco promises users a “weird” and “random” experience where you can see never-before-seen videos made by Franco, with the catch being they disappear in 24 hours. The Interview actor tells PEOPLE he wants to share his creative vault with people so it doesn’t go to waste.

“Over the years I have worked on so many projects, big ones, small ones, videos, films with my students, art, film, fashion, I want people to be able to have a glimpse of these so they’re not just sitting in storage, he says.

Developed by Franco (he drew its wallpaper), his production company Rabbit Bandini Productions and Maker Studios the app which. according to its official description includes “shenanigans from his social media feed,” has received rave reviews from users thus far, most of which appear to be Franco fans excited to see more of/from their favorite artist.

“Unexpected, fun, weird and random,” writes Google Play user Marina Prohaska. “You go, Franco!”

“Nice idea,” adds Cary Zincke. “Think this could be a nice way to create exclusive content for fans but vids are too short to understand what’s going on and would like to comment on them.”

Lori Hackney writes in her Google Play review that Rando Franco is her favorite celeb app. “Kim K. has had her app for awhile but she’s a joke,” says Hackney. “It’s cool that a respected and actual talented person is doing this now.”

Rando Franco is available in the iPhone App Store and Google Play.