Cats is now in theaters

By Alexia Fernandez
December 24, 2019 04:55 PM

James Corden doesn’t seem to be shying away from critical Cats reviews.

The Late Late Show comedian, 41, Corden admitted he hadn’t seen the film, joking with Zoe Ball on her Radio 2 BBC show, “I haven’t seen it. I haven’t seen it, no. I heard it’s terrible.”

He added, “I’ll catch it one day, I imagine.”

Corden stars as Bustopher Jones in the Tom Hooper-directed musical, which has earned abysmal reviews.

Cats was released in theaters last Friday and earned $6.6 million in its opening weekend against a $95 million budget.

The film has earned a 17 percent score from critics on Rotten Tomatoes and a 58 percent audience score.

Credit: Universal Pictures

It has polarized critics with some loving the whimsical film while others wondered why it had been made.

“The worst thing about Cats — and I was forced to see two cat burglars sensually drape a string of pearls around the scruff of Haywars in the obvious foray to a cat threesome — is that it was made in the first place,” wrote Globe and Mail critic Chandler Levack.

The Wall Street Journal’s John Anderson wrote, “Artistically, it’s a hairball. There’s no story to speak of, Mr. Webber’s music is immediately forgettable and, like a cat standing at an open door, it takes forever to get where it’s going.”’s Mary Elizabeth Williams disagreed, writing, “There’s something uniquely fun about seeing the likes of Ian McKellen and Jennifer Hudson fully committing to their down-on-their-paws characters, a spirited sense of shared strangeness.”

FilmWeek’s Amy Nicholson also enjoyed the film, writing, “I spent most of Cats with my hands over my mouth, going ‘What is happening?’ … I had a ton of fun with this.”

Cats is now in theaters.