James Brolin On the Hollywood Advice He Gave Son Josh: 'Don't Be a Leading Man, Ever'

James Brolin is opening up about the Hollywood advice he gave his son Josh at the beginning of his career

James Brolin had some wise words to share with his son, Avengers: Endgame star Josh Brolin, set out to make his career in Hollywood.

The actor, 79, appeared on Access, where he spoke about giving Josh, 51, acting advice.

“I told him one thing a long time ago — he’s his own man, he has his own ideas — but I told him one great thing,” James said. “Don’t be a leading man, ever. Be a character actor and you’ll work forever.”

His reason for the surprising piece of wisdom? James said, “[A] leading man has a little time span [to work], he’s in and out.”

James’ own career has consisted of successful character actor roles in films such as The Amityville Horror, Catch Me If You Can, Burlesque and Traffic. Despite his own concerns regarding Josh’s career path, James said his son has both surprised him and made him proud.

“Look at him, he takes this movie with Thanos and I go, ‘I didn’t mean that!'” James said, referring to this year’s massive Avengers: Endgame in which Josh reprised his role of villain Thanos.

Josh Brolin and James Brolin
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“It’s the biggest thing, he never has to work again,” James added. “New baby, new life, I’m so proud.”

Josh welcomed a daughter, Westlyn Reign, with wife Kathryn Boyd in November 2018. He has two older children — Eden, 25, and Trevor, 31 — from his first marriage to actress Alice Adair.

James said the new dad was “a diapering fool” as he focuses on taking care of his daughter alongside Boyd. The Brolin family has a lot to celebrate — including the engagement of Josh’s oldest daughter, Eden.

In August 2018, Josh shared a photo of Eden and her fiance, actor Cameron Crosby, sharing a kiss by a lake as he wrote about the news.

“My little girl’s getting married, asked by a guy whom I adore. Imagine that? A guy who I have a strong feeling will look after her best interests, keep her heart safe,” he added. “Congratulations, you two. I couldn’t be more proud, more moved, or more relieved. Congratulations!!!! @edenbrolin& @cameroncrosby9 ❤️❤️❤️💪🙏 #daddyslittlegirl #maturity#realisasrealdoes #respectfulfiancee.”

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