James and Dave Franco Are Unrecognizable in Their First Film Together, 'The Disaster Artist'

James and Dave Franco are working together for the first time on the upcoming film The Disaster Artist

Photo: Cousart/JFXimages/WENN

Oh hi, Franco brothers.

James and Dave Franco are finally teaming up to make a movie together! Their upcoming film, The Disaster Artist, is based on the making of the so-bad-it’s-good Hollywood classic, The Room, notorious for its narrative flaws, bizarre storytelling and yes, the repeated use of the phrase “Oh hi.” For all those reasons and many more, Entertainment Weekly has called The Room “the Citizen Kane of bad movies.”

James, 37, is set to play the film’s infamous producer, writer and star, Tommy Wiseau. And in true Wiseau form, James will both direct and star in the film. Dave, 30, is taking on the role of Greg Sestero, who wrote the tell-all book the new film is named for.

But don’t expect to see the dashing Franco brothers as you know them – both James and Dave are almost unrecognizable in the film.

The two were spotted walking around set together dressed in full character. James was wearing baggy cargo pants with a purple shirt and patterned vest, along with a long, jet black wig to mimic Wiseau’s hair. Dave was rocking a middle-parted blonde wig, a beard and a mustache to match Sestero’s look in the film.

James Instagrammed a picture of himself with Dave to show off their new looks, captioning the snapshot: “THE DISASTER ARTIST: The making of THE ROOM. It has begun!!!!!”


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And while James and Dave are certainly enough to make the film a star-studded affair, the brothers enlisted a handful of their celebrity friends to join the project as well. Both Seth Rogen and Zac Efron have signed on to star in the film, along with Josh Hutcherson and Kate Upton.

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