Jake Gyllenhall Steps Out at the Premiere of His Moving New Documentary About War Photographer Chris Hondros

Jake Gyllenhaal was on hand Friday night for the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of Hondros

Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty

Jake Gyllenhaal was on hand Friday night for the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of Hondros, a documentary he executive produced about the amazing life of war photographer Chris Hondros.

Dressed in all black and sporting a thick beard, Gyllenhaal joined the film’s narrator, Jamie Lee Curtis, and its director Greg Campbell on the red carpet in New York City for the festival’s second night.

The documentary tells the incredible story of Hondros’s life and career before he was killed in Libya in 2011. The film examines the photographer’s best known work, and the little-known stories behind them.

Chris Hondros/Getty

After witnessing the terrorist attacks on 9/11, Hondros became one of the most prolific war photographers since Vietnam. The film shows the toll covering war zones had on his personal life, and explores the sometimes life or death decisions he was forced to make in the field.

Hondros director Campbell and the photographer became best friends in high school. After Hondros’s death, Liberian Joseph Duo, the subject of one of his famous photographs, reached out to Campbell and revealed that the photographer had returned to Liberia to help Duo earn his high school, college, and eventually law school education.

Hoping to showcase this and other stories of Hondros’s relationships with his subjects, Campbell started a kickstarter in 2013. Four years later, and with the backing of benefactors like Curtis and Gyllenhaal, Hondros is finally ready to be seen.

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