Jake Gyllenhaal also shared whether he wears boxers or briefs

By Alexia Fernández
June 14, 2019 05:57 PM

Jake Gyllenhaal is opening up about his daily nighttime rituals.

Gyllenhaal, 38, played a round of “Burning Questions” while promoting Spider-Man: Far From Home while on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday.

“Boxers or briefs?” DeGeneres, 61, asked him.

Pausing, the actor said, “Briefs.”

The questions grew more in-depth with the talk show host asking, “What do you wear to bed?”

Taking an even longer pause, Gyllenhaal replied, “Nothing,” causing the audience to cheer and clap.

Jake Gyllenhaal Reveals He Wears 'Nothing' to Bed and Which 'Avenger' He Thinks Is the Hottest
Jake Gyllenhaal

Not one to let a good ribbing go, DeGeneres poked fun at the actor and clapped and wolf-howled along with the audience as Gyllenhaal laughed.

“Who is the sexiest Avenger?” she asked next, to which he said, “Spider-Man,” referring to his costar Tom Holland.

Unimpressed with the reaction his answer got from the audience, DeGeneres noted, “Smattering applause.”

At a loss, and unwilling to lose the game, the actor said, “Thor?” causing the audience to cheer loudly.

As for what Gyllenhaal’s favorite body part was, he was momentarily confused, asking, “On a person?” before answering, “I really like the back of a woman’s neck.”

Gyllenhaal has been traveling nonstop while promoting his upcoming Marvel film in which he plays Mysterio. The actor is now in China, a trip he shared on his Instagram account on Friday.

“I’ve never been to China in my entire life. I can’t believe it. It’s pretty incredible to be here,” he said in a video. “People are just so enthusiastic. It’s just packed with energy.”

Spider-Man: Far From Home is in theaters on July 2.