Red Table Talk airs Mondays on Facebook Watch

By Alexia Fernandez
October 03, 2019 03:20 PM

Jada Pinkett Smith is tackling transgender issues in the upcoming episode of Facebook Watch’s Red Table Talk.

In a PEOPLE exclusive clip, the 48-year-old actress and host has a heartfelt conversation with Pastor Paula Williams, a transgender woman who risked her job, family and friendships to live her truth as a woman.

“I meant to ask you, if you could describe to us a bit what your life was like for you as Paul, knowing inside that you were someone else?” Pinkett Smith asks.

Williams replies, “It was tough. I mean, I knew by the time I was 3 or 4 that I was transgender. So [I thought] it’s like the gender fairy will arrive and I will choose what I am a girl and of course it didn’t happen.”

The pastor clarifies what it felt like to be a girl living inside of a boy’s body.

“I didn’t hate being a boy, I just knew I wasn’t one,” Williams says in the preview. “But the longer life went, the more it’s like, ‘I don’t want to do this to my family,’ but it was a call.”

Jada Pinkett Smith
Noam Galai/Getty

Pinkett Smith hosts Red Table Talk alongside her mother, Adrienne Banfield-Norris, and daughter, Willow Smith. The three tackle tough topics such as relationships, sex, polygamy and sexual assault, among other issues.

In this week’s earlier episode, Pinkett Smith and Banfield-Norris sat down with comedian Chelsea Handler about white privilege and what Handler, 44, had learned from the privilege she was born with and used to her advantage.

Handler admitted she’d once walked out of grocery stores without paying.

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“Going into the grocery store as a white person is totally different than going into the grocery store as a black person,” Handler said. “Nobody’s looking at you to screw up. Nobody’s looking at you to take something. Nobody suspects anything.”

She continued, “Do you know how many times I’ve walked out of grocery stores because the line was too long and I didn’t feel like waiting?”

“I mean, talk about entitlement and privilege. I just knew I wouldn’t get caught because I was like this is annoying, I’m just going to take it,” Handler added. “I have done things like that in my life.”

Red Table Talk airs Mondays on Facebook Watch.