"So he won, and I didn't win, so if you want to win you just have to come up to me," Jacob Tremblay declared to Ellen DeGeneres


Jacob Tremblay is revealing how he managed to snag an envy-inducing photo with Leonardo DiCaprio at the Screen Actors Guild Awards (hint: his adorable mug came into play).

The pint-sized Room star told Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show on Tuesday that he noticed an opening to approach DiCaprio during the ceremony – so he went for it.

“It’s kind of a funny story, because everyone was standing up to cheer for someone, so I standed up and I checked to see how many people were standing up and I noticed Leonardo DiCaprio right in the chair behind us,” Tremblay, 9, explained to DeGeneres. “So then I just walked straight up to him and I noticed a huge line of people trying to meet him and I’m just like, ‘Oh, I’m a kid. I can skip it.’ ”

And he did just that: “So I skipped it and I said, ‘Hi.’ And then I said good luck to him and then he said good luck to me.”

While Tremblay didn’t take home the award for outstanding performance by a male actor in a supporting role, DiCaprio did win in his category – and the little boy thinks he’s to thank.

“So he won, and I didn’t win, so if you want to win you just have to come up to me,” Tremblay declared.

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Tremblay, who was joined by his police-detective dad (who himself has been nabbing headlines) and mom for the taping, told DeGeneres he was a little nervous to meet her.

“This is the first time I’m on your show, and also this is like one of my favorite shows,” he explained. “My sister really likes it. She DVRs it all the time.”

The little fellow will be a seasoned media professional in no time, though – especially because he hopes for a long career in Hollywood.

“I like writing stuffs because when I grow up I’m gonna be a script writer and a director,” he explained, telling DeGeneres that he already has ideas. “I don’t think I should tell you them because I don’t want some Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, J.J. Abrams to come and make millions of dollars off of my ideas.”

The budding star will next appear at the Oscars as a presenter, and DeGeneres made sure he’s red-carpet-ready: The host gifted him a with a costume of his favorite Star Wars character, Poe Dameron, complete with a bow tie and cummerbund.