Jacob Tremblay Is 'Excited and Nervous' as He Pledges to Choose Kind on First Day of School

Jacob Tremblay is choosing to be kind as he enters a new school year

Photo: Jacob Tremblay/Instagram

Jacob Tremblay is back in school — and pledging to be spread kindness to others.

In a touching Instagram video he posted Tuesday, 10-year-old Tremblay encouraged others to pledge to “Choose Kind” — an anti-bullying campaign inspired by R.J. Palacio’s debut novel Wonder, now a film starring Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson and Tremblay.

“It’s my first day of school and I’m really excited and nervous just like you all might be,” Tremblay said in the video. “I wanted to take this opportunity to pledge to choose kind this year and encourage all of you to do the same.”

“Let’s pledge to choose kind so students can feel safe at school so they can learn,” he continued. “Let’s pledge to choose kind so students from all walks of life can feel accepted and free to express and develop their individuality. Let’s pledge to choose kind so my school and all of your can be a kind place.”

He ended the video with a final message, “I’m off to spread some serious kindness. Got my backpack and everything!”

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Tremblay portrayed Auggie Pullman in the film Wonder, a boy with facial differences who strives to be treated the same as his peers when he begins the year at a new school.

“The movie Wonder is about family, friendship, love and most of all, it’s about choosing kindness at every stage of life,” director Stephen Chbosky told PEOPLE in August 2016.

Wonder hits theaters Nov. 17.

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