Universal Pictures will open Good Boys in theaters nationwide Aug. 16


12-year-old award winner Jacob Tremblay is all grown up in the foul-mouthed red band trailer for his upcoming summer comedy, Good Boys.

The trailer for Good Boys, produced by Seth Rogen, teases a film in the vein of Rogen’s popular R-rated comedies Sausage Party and Neighbors — except this one centers on kids.

Before the preview gets properly underway, Rogen sits the three main kids — Tremblay, Keith L. Williams and Brady Noon — down to share some bad news in a funny clip.

“You guys cannot watch the trailer for your own movie,” Rogen says. ” It’s just too messed up for kids your age. There’s drugs, there’s violence, there’s swearing. And although we’ve decided it’s OK for you to do these things in the movie, you can’t watch yourselves do them in the trailer.”

“That’s f—d up,” yells Noon.

“It is f—d up,” admits Rogen. “Welcome to Hollywood.”

Good Boys

What follows is a hard-R preview that sets up the plot of Good Boys: after the friends accidentally destroy a drone belonging to one of their dads, they skip school on a quest to replace it and get involved in a whole lot of mischief on the way.

This isn’t Rogen’s only comedy this summer; the Knocked Up actor also has Long Shot, his romantic comedy co-starring Charlize Theron, opening May 3.

Good Boys arrives in theaters Aug. 16.