Jackie Chan Denies 'Rush Hour 4' Is Happening After Reuniting with Chris Tucker: Rumor Is 'False'

The 65-year-old actor is denying he's involved in a fourth Rush Hour installment, calling the rumors "false"

After teasing fans with a Rush Hour 4 movie, Jackie Chan is turning down rumors he’s involved in an upcoming installment.

In a statement released by his management company, Chan, 65, denied he was involved in the making of a fourth movie to his popular action series that also starred Chris Tucker.

“We have noticed that false information that Mr. Chan would act in the motion pictures Rush Hour 4 and The Karate Kid 2 is spreading through multiple social media platforms, and that certain apparently infringing parties have misappropriated the personal WeChat and email accounts of Mr. Esmond Rend, a motion picture industry professional, to release false information concerning the hiring of the crew, casting, audition and other matters in connection with the pictures Rush Hour 4 and The Karate Kid 2,” the statement, released on Chan’s official website, read.

It continued, “With respect to the above information, on behalf of Mr. Chan, we hereby declare that any and all such information, as spread by such infringers, relating to Mr. Chan providing or about to provide acting services in the motion pictures Rush Hour 4 and The Karate Kid 2 is false.”

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“Any relevant information released by any infringer through appropriating the personal WeChat and email accounts of Mr. Esmond Ren is false, and Mr. Chan does not have anything to do with such released information or the content thereof.”

The statement was released just two days after Tucker, 47, posted a series of photos on his Instagram account in which he and Chan posed together for the Chinese actor’s 65th birthday.

In one photo, the two hinted at the possibility of a fourth film in the Rush Hour series by holding up four fingers as they smiled at the camera.

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The pair is known for playing popular cop duo Chief Inspector Lee (Chan) and Detective James Carter (Tucker) in the blockbuster series — the first of which came out in 1998. The movie did so well Rush Hour 2 and Rush Hour 3 quickly followed.

In late January, Tucker revealed that Rush Hour 4 was in the works.

“It’s not in pre-production. We’re working on a few things [for] the script. Jackie wants to do it. I want to do it. The studio wants to do it,” he said on the Winging It podcast, hosted by NBA stars Vince Carter and Kent Bazemore, according to Ebony.com.

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“We’re trying to get it together. It looks like it’s getting together right,” Tucker said.

Two years ago, Chan confirmed that Rush Hour 4 was in the works during an interview on Power 106 Los Angeles.

“[It’s coming] next year,” he told the outlet in 2017. “For the last seven years, we’ve been turning down the script, turning down the script. Yesterday, we just agreed.”

Chan went on to say that he hoped filming would start the following year, 2018, “if Chris Tucker agrees” to do it.

“It’s about [having] time to make it,” Chan explained. “Otherwise, Rush Hour 4, we’re all old men. I tell Chris Tucker, ‘Before we get old, please do Rush Hour 4.”

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