Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger Face Off in Action-Packed Iron Mask Trailer

Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger join forces for the first time in Iron Mask

Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger are squaring off in a movie together for the first time in their careers.

In a PEOPLE exclusive look at the new trailer for their film Iron Mask, Chan and Schwarzenegger battle each other in a fantasy adventure of epic proportions.

Chan plays a kung fu expert, simply known as Master, who must escape from the maniacal James Hook (Schwarzenegger) in order to help his daughter save their homeland from a mythical dragon.

“In 500 years,” Hook says in the middle of castle-like prison with an opening in the roof. “No one has ever escaped. Anyone who can get to the top is free. Who is next?"

Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger
Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger. lions gate
Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger
lions gate

Master steps in to challenge the prison guard to a fight for his freedom. As the two trade barbs, they also come to feel respect for one another.

“You’re a great fighter,” Hook tells Master.

In October 2019, the two action icons bumped into each other while in Los Angeles and documented their reunion with a photo that they later shared with their fans on social media.

“It was fantastic to run into my old friend and a hero of mine @jackiechan when I got back from the #terminatordarkfate world tour,” Schwarzenegger wrote alongside the snap on Instagram Sunday. “A legend and an inspiration.”

Chan echoed the Terminator star and similarly boasted about his friend in his own caption. “So happy to run into my good old friend and legend @schwarzenegger,” he said.

Directed by Oleg Stepchenko, the film also stars Jason Flemyng, Yao Xingtong, Anna Churina, Yuri Kolokolnikov, Martin Klebba, Charles Dance, Rutger Hauer and Christopher Fairbank.

Iron Mask is available On Digital and On Demand Nov. 20.

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