The actor engaged in some poorly received vandalism, he told PEOPLE
Credit: Monica Schipper/FilmMagic

He may be a famed funnyman now, but Jack had his share of comedy gone wrong when he was younger.

The actor, 45, reminisced about a particularly cringe-worthy high school memory Wednesday at a New York City screening of his new film The D Train, in which he plays a desperate man trying to pull off a redeeming high school reunion.

“One time I got caught graffitiing my high school. I was really into the vandalism before I got caught, it felt really cool and awesome,” Black told PEOPLE.

“There was this dance-troupe mural or something, and me and a couple other graffiti artists went to town on the mural and turned it into a punk rock, like Death Mask, thing. We thought we were super cool,” he continued.

But Black quickly realized he wasn’t so proud of the rebellious shenanigans.

“When I got caught, the public humiliation of being this vandal was tough to get over. We had to clean it up and do some public apologies. It was very embarrassing,” he said.

Black described himself as having been “pretty social” in high school, but he also admitted he’s now become a bit of a “hermit” in Hollywood.

“I barely ever poke my head out of the house, I stay in my special sealed bubble, my Hollywood bubble, until it’s time to promote a movie,” the comedian said.

“It’s kind of like Groundhog Day: you’re seeing me now and then I’m going to go back underground for a while until my next project,” Black said of his low-key tendencies.

The D Train, which also stars James Marsden, hits theaters Friday.