Isla Fisher wasted no time bringing out a funny throwback picture to welcome Courteney Cox to Instagram

Courteney Cox‘s friends are just as thrilled as fans are that she’s finally on Instagram.

The actress, 54, finally joined the popular social media platform this week after a little help from Ellen DeGeneres and Friends costar Lisa Kudrow. And now that she’s an official user, some of her other pals are joining in on the fun.

Isla Fisher welcomed Cox to the site with a funny throwback picture of the two at what looks like a karaoke bar. Both actresses appear to be in their twenties, and the picture could well have been taken before Cox was even on Friends.

“I know it’s not FBF yet, but I’m too excited to wait… my bestie has finally joined Instagram @courteneycoxofficial,” Fisher, 42, wrote alongside the picture, which shows them gripping microphones as Fisher smiles for the camera while Cox keeps her gaze down.

Cox proved that she’s already mastering the site by commenting on the pic, caught by popular account Comments by Celebs.

“Ha!! There’s a lot of flashbacks to come! Hope I won’t look drunk in all of them. Love you!” Cox replied.

Cox joined the site this week after stopping by the Ellen Degeneres Show where DeGeneres, 61, unveiled a recreation of the set of Friends‘ coffee shop, Central Perk, and began coaching Cox on how to pose.

“I wish Kudrow was here, because that would be fun,” DeGeneres said. And ‘lo and behold, out walked Kudorw, much to Cox’s surprise.

“This is my first Instagram post?!” said Cox, posing with DeGeneres and her former costar on the iconic burnt orange couch. “It’s downhill after this.”

Cox later followed through and used the picture of the trio as her first ever post.

“Hello Instagram! I’m here with a little help from my friends,” she captioned the shot.