Isla Fisher Jokes About Producing Sperm After Being Used to Illustrate the Need for Redhead Donors

The actress was used to illustrate the need for more donors with red hair

Sperm banks are looking for redhead donors — and Isla Fisher wants to make it clear that she isn’t the answer to the shortage.

On Wednesday, Fisher, 42, who is known for her auburn tresses, reacted to an article, which used her photo to illustrate the need for donors with red hair.

“By attaching a photo of me to this article, it implies that I am able to produce sperm?!” Fisher wrote alongside a photo of the article on Instagram.

“I can not. Believe me, I’ve tried,” Fisher joked.

The Now You See Me star, who is married to comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, is a mom to three young kids — Montgomery Moses Brian, 3, Elula, 8, and Olive, 10.

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The wanted ad for redhead donors surfaced in 2017 on the Facebook page of Co-ParentMatch.

“WANTED GINGER Sperm Donors,” the ad read. “#SaveGingers.”

“Our female members are looking for ginger donors now! Only 2% of our sperm donors have ginger hair!” the ad continued.

It is not clear as to whether or not the redhead shortage has come to an end.

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Although Fisher can’t aid those wanting to expand their families, she has contributed to early childhood education.

In 2018, Fisher channeled her quirky humor into children’s books.

The actress published her book Marge In Charge, which is the first of a three-installment series.

“Don’t worry about being perfect or you’ll miss out on the fun!’ That’s the message in the Marge books,” Fisher told PEOPLE at the time when describing the middle-school book series, which follows the adventures of two siblings and their unorthodox babysitter Marge.

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