'L Word' Creator Ilene Chaiken on Her 'First Romance' and Coming Out: 'I Didn't Know How to Lie'

Famed producer Ilene Chaiken says she used her own experiences as a lesbian in her legendary TV show, The L Word


In the moving comedy-drama Love, Simon (in theaters March 16) Jennifer Garner and Josh Duhamel star as the parents of Simon, a high schooler played by Nick Robinson who struggles to tell loved ones that he’s gay. Acceptance in America has increased dramatically in recent years, but coming out as LGBTQ is still a profound and often traumatic experience.

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Ilene Chaiken‘s life as a lesbian provided inspiration for her legendary TV show, The L Word.

Chaiken’s “first romance” with a woman ended in heartbreak, but the famed producer says the experience proved to be the perfect storyline for L Word characters Marina and Jenny.

“It was the same story,” Chaiken, 60, says. “After that, I was a lesbian. I knew it. I didn’t use the word. I think it took some time to come to terms with even calling myself gay … I just simply started living as a lesbian. I wasn’t a particularly bold person, but I just didn’t know how to lie.”

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