Idina Menzel 'Wants to Protect' 'Cinderella' Costar Camila Cabello a 'Little': 'There's a Maternal Thing'

"We're laughing all day long to the point it's almost unprofessional," Cabello told PEOPLE

Camila Cabello and Idina Menzel
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Camila Cabello and Idina Menzel's friendship is filled with laughter.

Chatting with PEOPLE on the Cinderella red carpet on Monday, both Cabello, 24, and Menzel, 50, opened up about the close friendship they developed while filming the Amazon Prime Video movie, streaming on the site this Friday.

Menzel admitted to bringing out her "maternal" instincts with the singer.

"I guess there's a maternal thing for me with her, I want to protect her a little because she's so warm and loving and a generous spirit. And she has so much going on and working so hard," Menzel told PEOPLE. "And I just want to make sure she's enjoying the moment and all of her successes. I've been there and seeing how that stuff fluctuates and seeing it just go by and then you say 'What happened? I didn't take that in, you know.'"

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"I think that's part of what I try to impart to her," she added.

Days before the premiere, Menzel and Cabello did a virtual Q&A where the two were hysterically laughing as Cabello revealed that she has "made love" to one of her songs.

Idina Menzel, Camila Cabello, and Billy Porter
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"We got a little delirious after our 35th interview and we almost peed our pants," Menzel admitted with a laugh. "I didn't even know what we were talking about!"

As to what set life with the two is like, Cabello told PEOPLE that it's filled with laughter.

"We're laughing all day long to the point it's almost unprofessional," Cabello said. "It's great."

Menzel also opened up about her marriage to Aaron Lohr and how the pandemic helped them learn more about each other.

"We learned that we still like each other a lot. We love each other, but we actually like each other," she said of Lohr, whom she married in 2017. "He works in the medical field. So he was going nine to five, so he wasn't always in my space. But I don't know, we learned that I like to not travel so much and be home more with the family."

"And that's why it's getting hard with things wrapping up and trying to figure out priorities," Menzel added.

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Also in attendance at the premiere were director Kay Cannon and actress Maddie Baillio, who plays one of Cinderella's step-sisters. (In this remake, they're not evil!) Both Baillio and Cannon had sweet words for Cabello and her first acting role.

"I was so nervous to work with Camila because I'm such a big fan of hers. But she's amazing. She's so real. She's so authentic. And we became really great friends," Baillio said. "And she's an amazing actress. She's witty. She's funny. She nailed it every time. She worked so hard for this film. And she has so many amazing nuances that I think people will really love"

"Camila is Camila. What she represents, the strength she represents, her young life and what she's already done in her young life," said Cannon. "And she's just so good in the movie. It makes my heart sing. It's just great."

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As for representation, Cabello serves as the first-ever Latina princess. For the former Fifth Harmony star, being that representation for young girls means a lot.

"Being the first Latina princess is such an honor. I mean, I'd be so excited to see any other person being a Latina princess before me," she said. "Actually being that is crazy."

"I think she's a badass," Cabello added about her character Ella. "She is not afraid to speak her mind and to live her truth. And I was really inspired by her."

Cinderella begins streaming on Prime Video this Friday.

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