WATCH: Legendary Race Car Driver Hurley Haywood Opens Up About Being Gay in New Documentary

In a new documentary, former race car driver Hurley Haywood opens up about his secret sexuality

In the 1970s, Hurley Haywood, now 70, was one of the most famous race car drivers in the world, winning five times at the Rolex 24 at Daytona, and three times at Le Mans.

The handsome driver was also once sponsored by Penthouse magazine, and usually surrounded by a bevy of beautiful models.

Hurley Haywood - SCCA/IMSA Champion
ISC Archives via Getty Images

Now, in the new documentary Hurley, produced by actor and fellow race car driver Patrick Dempsey, the retired Haywood is opening up about being secretly gay while also being a superstar in the incredibly masculine (and usually straight) field of race car driving.

“It’s time to be vocal about it…I just didn’t want to lie about it anymore,” says Haywood in the documentary. “This is this first time I’ve talked about to anyone publicly.”

He adds, “It’s not easy to talk about it.”

Hurley will be released on video-on-demand on March 26th.

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