Hugh Jackman is currently traveling around the country for his live performance tour The Man. The Music. The Show.

By Helen Murphy
July 11, 2019 01:36 PM

Hugh Jackman served coffee to swarms of fans ahead of his performance in Denver on Wednesday night.

Jackman, 50, is busy traveling around the U.S. for his first-ever world tour, The Man. The Music. The Show., but the movie star still found free time to make fans a cup of joe.

On Wednesday, the actor tweeted a photo of himself handing out coffee cups from inside of a black truck with the logo Laughing Man. Jackman co-founded the foundation Laughing Man Coffee Company with David Steingard.

“Thank you for turning out to see us Denver!!” he captioned the photo.

On his Instagram Story, the star posted even more photos of fans at the coffee truck. “Denver you are amazing,” he captioned one snap.

Wednesday’s tour stop wasn’t the first time Jackman has surprised fans with java — the Greatest Showman actor also served coffee to fans in Chicago last month. “Big love to CHICAGO!! Thanks so much for turning out and spreading the @laughingmancafe love!” he wrote at the time.

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman/Instagram
Hugh Jackman

Jackman co-founded Laughing Man Coffee Company in 2011 with Steingard, a former criminal prosecutor in Brooklyn.

In 2009, on a trip to Ethiopia, Jackman met a young coffee farmer named Dukale whose goal was to get his family out of poverty. Upon returning to New York, Jackman was so inspired by Dukale that he wanted to provide a marketplace where farmers in developing countries could sell their products in the U.S.

All of Jackman’s profits go toward the Laughing Man Foundation, which he created to assist social entrepreneurs worldwide through educational programs and community development.

Jackman has spent a lot of time interacting with fans on his tour — even helping one lucky man propose to his girlfriend at a performance in Minnesota last month.

“I don’t normally do this and you’ll understand why afterward but I got a letter from a guy named Joe,” the actor told the crowd in Minnesota. “Joe told me he was going to be here in the audience.”

Jackman then asked the camera operator to shine a spotlight on Joe Kripal and his girlfriend Sanaa Ahmed. As Kripal proposed to Ahmed, the crowd crowd erupted in cheers.

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In December, Jackman told PEOPLE that his tour would include music from Les Misérables, The Greatest Showman and The Boy from Oz sprinkled in with personal anecdotes about his life.

“The show is constantly telling stories,” he explained. “Sometimes in the middle of a song, I’ll stop, but I’m trying to give a glimpse into this crazy life that I’ve had, that I’m living, that I never thought was gonna happen. I give you some insight into those turning points, into how they happened.”

“I sing songs that somehow mean something to me, and I’ll tell you a story before why,” Jackman continued. “It could be something to do with my family, something to do with my upbringing, something random.”