August 06, 2015 04:10 PM

Never underestimate the sneakiness of the Wolverine.

An Australian newscaster made that mistake at the Sydney Children’s Hospital on Thursday, when the character’s clawless alter-ego Hugh Jackman photobombed her during a live broadcast.

Jessica Turner of Australia’s Channel 10 News was reporting on the Fight Cancer Foundation’s Back on Track program at the hospital, where Jackman attended the launch.

Turner unwisely let her guard down around the X-Men: Days of Future Past star, and when he exited the hospital behind her and saw the rolling cameras, he couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a prank.

Creeping up behind her, Jackman let out a loud, “Photobomb!” in Turner’s unsuspecting ear. Noticeably flustered, the reporter regained her composure upon realizing who the perpetrator was, and quipped, “The best kind of photobomb, Hugh.”

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Earlier in the day, the Aussie actor took to Instagram to post a cute picture of himself and his wife of 19 years, fellow Australian actress, director and producer Deborra-Lee Furness.

“First day of our honeymoon, April 1996. #TheDebs #TBT,” he captioned the pic.

Jackman is currently preparing for the Oct. 9 premiere of Pan, in which he plays Blackbeard alongside Levi Miller in the titular role and Cara Delevigne as a Neverlandian mermaid.

He also recently announced that he’s officially hanging up his claws and retiring as the iconic X-Men character after the next (as yet untitled) Wolverine movie, slated for 2017. He’s also rumored to be reprising the role in next year’s X-Men: Apocalypse.

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