Hugh Jackman Jokingly Tells Blake Lively She's 'a Saint for Marrying That Man' Ryan Reynolds

"Sorry... not sorry," Hugh Jackman said in a video as he ribbed Ryan Reynolds, while raving about Reynolds' wife Blake Lively's new line of fizzy mixers Betty Buzz

Blake lively , Hugh jackman and ryan Reynolds
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Hugh Jackman is stirring up some playful trouble between social media's favorite celebrity couple.

The Golden Globe winner, 52, praised Blake Lively and her new line of fizzy mixers Betty Buzz, while taking a dig at her husband and his longtime frenemy Ryan Reynolds, Thursday on Instagram.

"We love every flavor, some of us even like it with a little nip added. But more importantly, we love the woman who created it, Blake Lively. You are a one-of-a-kind, Blake," Jackman said in the video. "You are just fun, you are creative, you are sunshine seven days a week, and you're a saint for marrying that man. Sorry... not sorry."

Reynolds, 44, got in on the joke, writing in the comments section, "This wasn't part of the deal when I bought this video on Cameo."

Lively, 34, also ribbed her husband while thanking Jackman for his kind words on her Instagram Story. "@thehughjackman I think we can all agree @vancityreynolds' best trait is you, me and Deb [Furness, Jackman's wife]," she wrote.

Jackman and Reynolds have kept up a playful feud since they first met on the set of the 2009 superhero spin-off X-Men Origins: Wolverine. "It's gone back so long now … God, this is a classic sign where your feud has gone too long, where you don't even know why or how it started," Jackman told The Daily Beast last year.

"I met him back on Wolverine, and I used to ream him because I was very close friends with Scarlett [Johansson], and Scarlett had just married Ryan, so when he came on set I was like, Hey, you better be on your best behavior here, pal, because I'm watching, and we started ribbing each other that way," he explained.

Reynolds and Lively have also been known to troll each other, expressing their love through some playful social media jabs on more than one occasion. He's said that their daughters, James, 6½, Inez, 5, and 22-month-old Betty, have even joined in on the jokes.

Blake lively and Hugh Jackman
Blake lively/ instagram

"My wife trolls the crap out of me. Why would I go online? I've got it right here at home," Reynolds told PEOPLE last month. "Even my daughters now troll me, so like I'm safe from nothing."

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