The two hulking celebrities hit the gym to get their Fourth of July weekend started!

By Jason Duaine Hahn
Updated July 05, 2018 09:07 AM

As people across the country prepared to light off fireworks in celebration of Independence Day, Hugh Jackman and Arnold Schwarzenegger were lighting up a gym in California.

The two hulking celebrities got a sweaty start to the national holiday Wednesday and Jackman could not help but snap a selfie with the former Govenator at the original Gold’s Gym in Venice.

“What a way to start the 4th!” Jackman, 49, wrote on the post, which featured the Terminator star and a pal. “With @schwarzenegger and Pete… at the original @goldsgym in Venice.”

Schwarzenegger — whose daughter, Katherine, is rumored to be dating Guardians of the Galaxy star, Chris Prattthen took to Twitter to reply to Jackman, saying, “Fantastic to see you and train together!”

Working out with Jackman is a great sign for the 70-year-old Terminator star, who recently underwent open-heart surgery at the end of March.

He has gone through weeks of recovery since then, and he recently shared a video to thank well-wishers after the operation which switched out a pulmonic valve that was originally replaced in 1997 due to a congenital heart defect.

“Thank you so much for all your wishes and for all the cards and the phone calls and the emails and the texts and all this kind of stuff that I got from around the world,” Schwarzenegger said in April. “I really appreciate that very much.”

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While Schwarzenegger’s bodybuilding days are long behind him, he is still a regular fitness advocate who isn’t shy about talking about his workouts on social media.

Like Schwarzenegger, Jackman has also faced some health setbacks recently with the star undergoing treatment for skin cancer that left him bandaging the side of his nose in 2014.

Around the time he battled skin cancer and was promoting X-Men: Days of Future Past, Jackman said he was in his best shape and had learned much about exercise while playing the muscular character, Wolverine.

“I probably could be a personal trainer, but I’m still lazy at heart,” he joked. “I’m an actor. I whine about it and complain about it. So I need a trainer to push me.”

If his Instagram is any evidence, whether it be pull-ups, heavy-lifting, intense handstands or cardio, the debonair actor takes his fitness seriously — and also his cheat days, when he’ll enlist friends like Russell Crowe to help him devour some well-earned pastries.