Hugh Grant Says He's 'Too Old and Ugly' to Do Romantic Comedies Anymore

Over the years, Grant has frequently starred in rom-coms, including Notting Hill and Love, Actually 

Don’t expect to see Hugh Grant in an upcoming rom-com.

During the The Hollywood Reporter’s drama actor roundtable — which also featured actors Richard Madden, Billy Porter, Diego Luna, Sam Rockwell and Stephan James — Grant, 58, was asked if he had an “inferiority complex” from always starring in romantic comedies, and he confessed that he felt he was no longer cut out for those roles.

“Well, yes, but less now because I’ve gotten too old and ugly and fat to do them anymore, so now I’ve done other things, and I’ve got marginally less self-hatred,” he answered with a laugh.

Grant often appeared in romantic comedies throughout his career, such as films like Four Weddings and a Funeral, Mickey Blue Eyes, Notting Hilland Love, Actually.

Despite a successful career, Grant felt as thought he was “in a box” from the type of roles he had been cast in, but explained that the success was worth it.

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“I was being paid tons of money,” he said. “I was very lucky. And most of those romantic comedies I can look squarely in the face — one or two are shockers, but on the whole I can look them in the face, and people like them.”

The actor continued, “I am a big believer that our job is to entertain. It’s not to practice some weird, quasi-religious experience. I see us as craftsmen along with the guy who does the lights and the guy who edits and the guy who pushes the dolly.”

During the interview, Grant recalled that for some roles he landed, he knew they weren’t going to be overly successful, but he enjoyed them nontheless.

“Yes and, in fact, quite enjoyed it,” he explained. “You think, “Oh, well, this is nonsense, this film [1988’s Rowing With the Wind], it’s being made in Spain with English actors, with a director who doesn’t speak English and German money, it’s never going to see the light of day, so just go and have a nice time for three months, flirt with the actress playing Claire Claremont (Elizabeth Hurley).”

Notting Hill
Hugh Grant in Notting Hill. Moviestore/REX

Grant also admitted that he wished he had done a better job of “navigating fame and success” along the way.

“Every decision I ever made was probably wrong,” he told the outlet. “After [1994’s Four Weddings and a Funeral], and the world was my oyster. I should’ve made interesting decisions and done different stuff. Instead, I repeated myself almost identically about 17 times in a row.”

He added, “I took everything. The worse it was, the quicker I took it.”

As of late, Grant’s roles have strayed from the romantic-comedy genre. His recent films have included the 2016 biopic Florence Foster Jenkins, the animated film Paddington 2 and the upcoming crime film, The Gentleman, which he will star alongside Matthew McConaughey, Colin Farrell and Charlie Hunnam.

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