Here is a roundup of the best memes in celebration of Back to the Future Day

By Kara Warner
Updated October 22, 2015 10:40 PM

Great Scott! The celebration of Back to the Future Day extended far and wide on Wednesday October 21 – the day that Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) and Dr. Emmett Brown (Christopher Lloyd) travel to in Back to the Future Part II.

The occasion was commemorated with a variety of creative references to the 1989 film, including: fake police stops of speeding/time-traveling Deloreans, a Pepsi product launch, and special in-character appearances by original cast members Fox, Lloyd and Lea Thompson. Here are the best of the unofficial Back to the Future Day celebrations:

Brooklyn Bridge Park sets a fire for Back to the Future

Well, not really. The scenic NY park seems to have put their Photoshop skills to work in a clever Back to the Future Day-themed photo which features a shot of the time-traveling car s fiery tire tracks on the park grounds next to the waterfront.

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Proving they have a sense of humor and fun, the Michigan State Police Department shared details of a curious incident (read: a very familiar scene from Back to the Future) on their Facebook page. “Michigan State Police troopers stopped a silver Delorean today for driving 88 mph in a 55 mph zone, reads the post. The two occupants, Dr. Emmett Brown and Marty McFly, were given a verbal warning to drive more safely on Michigan roads. Dr. Emmett Brown responded by saying, ‘Roads? Where we re going, we don t need roads.'”

‘No hoverboards’ allowed at Westfield mall

The Westfield mall in London is serious about the safety of its shoppers. As such, they posted a photo of a warning sign that hoverboard riding (Marty McFly s enviable mode of transit in the sequel) is strictly prohibited inside the mall. “We mean it guys,” reads the Twitter message.

Pepsi Perfect

At long last, PepsiCo has made a limited quantity of Pepsi Perfect, the vitamin-enriched version of Pepsi with a built-in straw, which was featured in the film. The company reports that they made a limited quantity of Pepsi Perfect, so expect to see these likely collector s items on eBay very soon.

Barky McFly

Meet Pierre the French Bulldog and his Back to the Future-obsessed owner Matt Elias, the latter of which pulled out all the stops to celebrate the “holiday.” Elias built a mini electric Delorean from cardboard and dressed his pup in full Marty McFly gear.