Breaking down the cost of crimefighting like the Caped Crusader by the numbers

March 07, 2017 07:00 PM

Batman is one of the few superheroes who doesn’t have any superpowers — unless you count money, in which case he’s stacked.

So how much does it cost to fight crime like the Caped Crusader? Assuming you don’t already have expert training with weapons, heavy machinery and all things ninja, becoming the Dark Knight will be an expensive endeavor.

The aforementioned training alone could run upwards of $1.5 million — and before you start practicing, you’ll need to buy the gear. The bat gadgets could run around $200,000 on the conservative side, and those Batarangs don’t always bounce back, so replacement costs are inevitable.

And of course, there’s no Batman without the Batsuit. Material costs for the Kevlar and graphite reinforcements drive the cost up over a $1 million, and we all know Bruce Wayne keeps a few extras hanging in his Bat Closet.

As for his wheels, Batman has more expensive tastes than your average billionaire car enthusiast. The Batmobile could cost upwards of $80 million, and that’s not including gas (it does not take regular) and repairs.

Finally, you’ll need a mansion big enough to hide your underground lair. Judging from the Wayne Manors depicted in the comics and films, Batman’s crib will cost about $137 million. With the rigorous time commitments of saving Gotham and running Wayne Enterprises, Batman needs some help around the house — but Alfred doesn’t work for free. Butler costs will run about $250,000 a year.

All in all, donning the cape and cowl could cost up to $9 billion. Check out the video at the top for more hidden costs of fighting crime on your own dime.

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