How Lindsay Lohan Plans to Rebuild Her Career – and Reputation: 'She Realizes Her Past Was a Messy Period'

"I think she's embarrassed by a lot of it but I think her goal is to live normally and silently," a source tells PEOPLE

Photo: David M. Benett/Getty

Lindsay Lohan is ready to move on from her turbulent past.

Now that the actress, 29, has found new love and new life in London, she’s working to shed her troubled child-star image.

“Looking back, she realizes it was a messy period,” a source close to Lohan tells PEOPLE. “She didn’t know how else to live and didn’t know she had a choice sometimes.”

Lohan moved to London in 2012 where she has been living a quieter life and slowly rebuilding her career. Last year, she starred in a West End production of Speed-the-Plow.

“I think she’s embarrassed by a lot of her past but I think her goal is to live normally and silently,” says the source. “Now she has her own money and her own place, and it’s the first time of her living more on her own.”

The actress poked fun at her outcast status in Hollywood on Instagram, posting a photo of herself with a paper bag covering her face that stated “I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE” across the front.

“I’m not cool enough for LA,” she captioned the shot.

But she’s been keeping busy. According to the source, Lohan has been working on a number of projects.

“When it’s announced she has a new project, it will be handled professionally,” adds the source. “If she sticks to what she’s doing and stays focused, she’ll be okay.”

Reporting by LIZ MCNEIL

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