How Jennifer Aniston Is Coping After Split: She 'Isn't a Fan' of Dating But Still Believes in Love

Inside Jennifer Aniston's split from Justin Theroux and what's next for her in PEOPLE's new cover story

Jennifer Aniston is “sad and disappointed” that her marriage to Justin Theroux didn’t work out, a source close to the actress tells PEOPLE in the magazine’s new cover story. “She didn’t expect to be single again.”

Still, while she’s not looking forward to dating again, the actress ultimately believes in love.

The 49-year-old and the Leftovers actor, 46, announced their split last Thursday after seven years together and two and a half years of marriage. The two met to make the final decision on Valentine’s Day.

As for her future, “she isn’t a fan of dating, and she never was. She always found dating awkward and unpleasant,” an Aniston source explains. “She hates all the media attention that she knows she will get now. But she is a big believer in falling in love and spending her life with a partner that loves sharing hers.”


In the new issue, sources close to the pair detail how Aniston and Theroux’s clashing lifestyles drove them apart — and how powerful chemistry first drew them together. They wanted to start a family early in their relationship, but it didn’t work out. And longtime L.A. dweller Aniston’s attempts to adapt to Theroux’s New York City-based lifestyle “made her miserable,” says the source close to her, while Theroux was never comfortable in her luxurious but insular L.A. world. “They couldn’t find common ground that made them both happy. It became exhausting and frustrating.”

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Despite all the time they spent apart, they tried to save their marriage.

“For many months they tried to make it work. They even had therapy,” says the source.

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And while “it seems Justin gave up many months ago,” says the source, Aniston only “very recently started telling friends that they were over.”

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Aniston “seems okay” in the wake of the split, says the source. “She has an amazing life that she loves and is very grateful for. Jen would be the first one to say that she is a lucky girl.”

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