Leslie Odom Jr. and his wife Nicolette Robinson had a special family movie night

Life in quarantine has had its ups and downs for Leslie Odom Jr. and Nicolette Robinson. One big highlight for the couple: watching the movie version of Hamilton with their daughter Lucy, 3.

“I sat through that show so many times,” says Robinson, 32 in the new issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands now. “It was fun to be able to sit next to him and our daughter, and my parents, and reminisce. I’m so grateful to have that as a time capsule for ourselves.”

Odom won a Tony in 2016 for his performance as Aaron Burr in the acclaimed musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda. When he signed to do it in 2015, the actor says, “We all agreed to be a part of an off-Broadway show that we hoped would someday maybe get to Broadway.”

Robinson recalls, “And we didn’t know how we were going to pay our rent. We were both in off-Broadway shows at the time.” Odom, 38, adds, “We were making, probably combined, a little over $1000 a week, in New York City.”

Since those lean times, the couple has thrived. They even shot an episode for the upcoming Freeform series, Love in the Time of Corona, out Aug. 22 and 23. The two play a married couple figuring out whether they want to have another child while navigating the stresses of quarantine and the reckoning over systemic racism.

“We just thought bringing 12 years of being together, we wanted to be able to utilize that and tell a story that feels like something we can connect to a little bit more during this time, because it's such a unique time,” says Robinson. “It was a really great collaboration.”

Odom says, “I'm just very grateful that they enthusiastically received our thoughts and our notes, and we're happy to make the changes and to really incorporate us into the thing.”

Of course, the center of their world these last five months has been Lucy. “She's the best,” says Robinson. “She continues to amaze us. Constantly.”

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Leslie Odom and his family
Nicolette Robinson, Leslie Odom, Jr. and their daughter Lucy
| Credit: Matt Sayles

Odom says laughing, “She wakes up every day jazzed and excited about life, and excited to get us running around, and push our buttons, and test her Lucy limits.”

One concern: lack of playdates for health reasons. “I really do worry about the fact that she's not around other kids. Every now and again, she says, ‘Am I going to go to school today?’ And we have to say, ‘No, baby, you're not going to go to school today. Do you remember why?’ And she says, ‘Because people are still getting sick.’ And I'm like, ‘Yeah.’ So that breaks my heart every time,” Odom explains.

One activity she’s loved? “The sprinkler,” says Odom. “That’s the best.”

Robinson adds, “I got this little sprinkler attachment and every small part of the day we’ll go out and she’ll run through the water.”

“It’s that and going to Grandma’s house—that’s our favorite thing yet,” says Odom. “We quarantine with Nicolette’s parents.”

Says Robinson, “They live very, very close to us, so it’s always Lucy’s favorite out thing to go to my parents’ house. It’s been a godsend.”