Amy Schumer also reveals plot details from her new movie with Goldie Hawn

By Michael Miller
Updated August 12, 2016 01:00 AM
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Convincing Goldie Hawn to come out of retirement was no easy feat for Amy Schumer – especially considering Hawn hadn’t really heard of her.

“I met her on an airplane a couple of years ago and told her there’s a movie I really want to make with her,” Schumer explains to The Los Angeles Times. “And she was very nice. ‘OK, honey.’ She probably thought I was a psycho. ‘OK, crazy person.’ ”

That’s probably because not only had Hawn not made a movie in 15 years, she also wasn’t familiar with Schumer’s work. But the outspoken comedian is nothing if not persistent.

“I’d meet her at different things, saying, ‘We’re making this movie together,’ and I think, eventually, some people got in her ear and told her I wasn’t crazy, that I make things,” she explains.

One of those things is a script she wrote with her sister, Kim Caramele, and Ghostbusters scribe Katie Dippold.

“[Hawn] plays my mom,” Schumer says of the as-yet-untitled film’s plot. “My character is supposed to go on this trip South America with a boyfriend. But he breaks up with her. And it’s a nonrefundable ticket and she doesn’t want to drink alone.”

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While Schumer starred in her big screen debut, Trainwreck, she describes this new film as a vehicle for the veteran. “It’s a Goldie Hawn movie and she’s gorgeous,” says the comedian. “Goldie … Hawn! I don’t remember the first time I didn’t love her!”

And comedy chops aren’t the only thing the two stars have in common. Referencing her book, The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo, Schumer says, “I talk about being an introvert, needing a lot of alone time, needing to recharge a lot. And I’ve been made to feel that that’s a bad quality.”

She adds, “In different relationships, people are like, ‘Why do you need time away from the group?’ And I’m like, ‘I don’t know what’s wrong with me.’ And [Hawn is] like that too. And there’s nothing wrong with us.”

Asked if Schumer made sure to steer clear of the female character tropes she’s railed against in the past, Schumer confirms, “There’s none of that. We’re very much in charge of our own destiny. There’s no other way to be.”