'House of Cards' ' Rachel Brosnahan on Her Intense Roles: 'It's Nice to Play Things That Are Different from You'

The actress spoke to PEOPLE in Cannes while promoting her new movie Louder Than Bombs

Photo: Chris Floyd

Although she plays very intense characters in House of Cards and her upcoming film Louder Than Bombs, Rachel Brosnahan admits she’s not that serious in real life.

“I think it probably started from House of Cards, because prior to that I was testing for comedy pilots and I was playing all these young, bright-eyed 16-year-olds,” Brosnahan told PEOPLE recently at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival. “And then suddenly [I] got cast way against type in House of Cards. So it’s been a very strange journey to see people think of me in that light because I certainly can’t see myself [in] that way.”

“I can’t take anything seriously,” she added. “But it’s been fun and it’s nice to play things that are different from you.”

And the 25-year-old – who says she “would love to do a comedy” if given the chance – admitted that when it comes to picking projects, she “can’t sit still.”

“I feel like, I want to and have to do everything once. I’ve been playing around in time periods right now,” she explained, adding that she’s “trying to play as many different kinds of interesting women as possible.”

Don’t expect her schedule to ease up: Brosnahan was in the middle of filming the TV series Manhattan, and although her first trip to Cannes was admittedly a little hectic, she did enjoy her time in the French Riviera.

“The trip has been crazy. I’m sort of in and out because I’m shooting Manhattan right now,” Brosnahan explained.

“It’s a strange thing that we’re actors and we’re always playing a character, and then suddenly we’re at a place like Cannes and we’re getting photographed as ourselves and you’re like, ‘What do you do?’ ” Brosnahan said with a laugh. “But getting to play dress-up and talk to you guys is a blast.”


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