The' Hocus Pocus' Kids Are All Grown Up! Halloween Classic Has Mini-Reunion for 25th Anniversary

Hocus Pocus is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, and some of the stars got together for a mini reunion at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery last week

It’s just a bit of Hocus Pocus!

The popular Halloween family movie is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, which led some of the classic’s stars to gather for a mini reunion at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery last week. Larry Bagby, who played the bully Ice, posted a group shot with his cast mates from the special screening event.

Omri Katz (Max), Thora Birch (Dani), Doug Jones (the mummy Billy Butcherson), Vinessa Shaw (Allison) and Tobias Jelenik (Ice’s sidekick Jay) all got together for a sweet selfie at the event. Vanessa Hudgens was also on hand to help introduce the movie.

Director Kenny Ortega also posted a shot from the night in which he appears with Birth, Katz and Shaw.

Hocus Pocus premiered on July 16, 1993 and has grown into a cult hit ever since, with fans religiously watching the movie every Halloween. The comedy, directed by Kenny Ortega, also stars Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimi as the Sanderson sisters, who come back to life 300 years after being burned at the stake.

Mary Evans/Ronald Grant/Everett ; Kenny Ortega/Instagram

The story is also reportedly being remade into a TV adaptation, though Midler isn’t enthused. The actress expressed her doubts over the beloved Halloween family movie reboot to PEOPLE last Halloween.

“I know it’s cheap. It’s going to be cheap!” she said.

Everett Collection

And when it comes to Midler’s original character of lead witch Winifred Sanderson, the actress said it’ll be tough to recast the role.

“I’m not sure what they’re going to do with my character,” she said. “My character is very, very broad and I don’t know who they’re going to find to play that.”

The new movie – being written by Scarlett Lacey – is still in development, with original producer David Kirschner signed on.

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