By Ale Russian
January 11, 2018 11:22 AM

Helen Mirren is pleasantly surprised to learn she’s a year younger than she initially believed.

The Leisure Seeker actress was on the Ellen DeGeneres Show Thursday when the host pointed out how great it was that Mirren isn’t shy about revealing her age. But when DeGeneres said Mirren was 72, the actress got confused.

“I think I’m 73! My husband and I, we forget,” Mirren said as DeGeneres assured her that she’s actually 72. “Are you sure? I’m 72? This is fantastic! I’ve just made a whole year. Because my husband and I thought we were 74 and then we we worked it out and no, we’re 73. So we both went, ‘Oh, fantastic, we’ve got a whole extra year!’ And now I’ve got another year.”

But DeGeneres didn’t let her get off that easily, joking that it “does seem like you’re aging, you don’t know your age. I was gonna say you look great but you’re losing it.”

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The celebrated actress, who has worked consistently since the late ’60s, also commented on whether she thinks about slowing down. Aside from Leisure Seeker with Donald Sutherland, Mirren stars in Winchester, out Feb. 2, and is in production on two other movies.

“I see myself stopping and not working almost every morning. I never want to go to a party, I want to stay at home and watch TV. I never want to go out to dinner, I want to stay at home and watch TV. I never want to go on Ellen, I want to stay at home and watch TV,” Mirren joked. DeGeneres chimed in saying, “Me too!”

Leisure Seeker is out Jan. 19.