January 24, 2018 12:18 PM

Dame Helen Mirren had a huge thrill on her wedding night — but not one that most newlyweds wish for!

The Oscar winner, soon to be seen in the spooky horror Winchestermarried director Taylor Hackford in 1997 after 11 years together, and spent her wedding night in a romantic turret of historic Castle Stewart, Scotland.

The night however didn’t turn out quite as The Queen star and her new husband, both 72, had planned.

“When we arrived [the man] who runs the castle, said ‘This castle is haunted. When I was renovating the castle I saw ghosts’,” Mirren told British daytime TV show This Morning on Wednesday.

Helen Mirren and Taylor Hackford
David Fisher/Rex Shutterstock

More worryingly, the owner then told Mirren and Hackford they would be sleeping in “the most haunted room” of all.

“It was in the turret, very romantic, beautiful,” said Mirren, who described her wedding as “incredible” and a “wonderful experience.”

She continued, “It’s New Year’s Eve, it’s my husband’s birthday. [We were] up ‘til two ‘o’clock in the morning. We went to bed. An hour later, I woke up, I’m cold. It’s really dark and I’m looking in the dark and you’re looking in the shadows and then I see this light.”

For the next ten minutes, Mirren was transfixed by the strange goings on in her ghostly room.

“I am awake, my hairs are standing on end telling you this story,” she added. “I am awake? Did I see that? Then, five or ten minutes later this light flashes round. My heart is pounding now.

“I make myself get out of bed. This cannot be real. This is not happening. I get out of bed and I start stumbling about the room trying to find out.”

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Mirren then discovered the simple cause of the spooky occurrence: the window shutters.

“Cut out is a little wooden heart and the light I was seeing was the lights of the cars driving down the road, coming home,” she laughed. “It wasn’t a ghost! It’s never a ghost!’”

This is the second time that Mirren has recently spoken of her romantic life, having previously commented on her four-year relationship with Liam Neeson on the Graham Norton Show.

“We didn’t date, we lived together for four years – we were a serious item for a while,” said Mirren. “Lucky me!”

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