Helen Mirren Sounds Off on Awards Shows: There's No Winning or Losing in Art

The actress tells PEOPLE how she really feels about award shows

Photo: Rommel Demano/Getty

For Helen Mirren, acting goes far beyond the accolades of winning an award.

The Oscar winner, who’s snagged Hollywood’s top honors among many other kudos and nominations, explained at the Broadway.com Audience Awards reception Tuesday that she takes awards shows with a grain a salt.

“Well, you don’t think about [winning], honestly,” the 69-year-old told PEOPLE.

“In our job as actors and actresses, we are first and foremost artists. And artists are not athletes,” the star of Broadway’s The Audience explained. “There’s no winning or losing in art, honestly.”

Perhaps, but Mirren nevertheless won the Broadway.com Audience Award for favorite leading actress in a play. She also is nominated for a 2015 Tony Award for the same performance, in which she reprises her Academy-Award winning role from The Queen as Queen Elizabeth II.

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“They are two very different pieces. But it’s [ The Queen screenwriter] Peter Morgan’s sensibility and he wrote this play for me so here I am doing it. And I’m very very happy to do so,” Mirren said.

But while taking home trophies isn’t a top priority for Mirren, she appreciates the recognition when it happens.

“Of course it’s an honor and a privilege. I love it for the play,” said Mirren, who also doesn’t mind the glamour of awards shows. “It’s great for me, I get to wear a lovely dress again,” she added with a smile.

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