Helen Hunt is "hoping" she can take on the role of Jamie from the hit sitcom Mad About You alongside Paul Reiser again

Helen Hunt is ready to return to one of her most beloved roles.

In the wake of successful TV reboots, the 54-year-old actress is “hoping” she can take on the role of Jamie from the hit sitcom Mad About You alongside Paul Reiser again. The hit series ran from 1992-1999 and won Hunt four Emmys over the course of its run.

“The dream is to get to do it,” she tells PEOPLE in the latest issue, adding that she has loves the recent slew of reboots. “I’ve been watching Will & Grace and laughing so hard out loud, they’re just crushing it.”

A huge plus of bringing the show back would be working with Reiser, who she admits she still sees regularly.

“I have remained very, very close friends with Paul. Reboot, or no reboot we have lunch once a month,” she says. “We really enjoy and care for each other. Plus, my daughter loves Stranger Things so now when he calls she’s excited. She’s never seen an episode of Mad About You but she’s super psyched about Stranger Things!”

She continues, “It was a very loving piece of work. We loved it. It would be fun to work on something that’s really about love. We’ll be older though — I hope people are prepared for that. I’m not prepared for it!”

Mad About You
Credit: MIchael Tighe/NBC

Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt in Mad About You

Hunt is now starring in The Miracle Season, a heartbreaking and inspiring story about a high school girls volleyball team that overcame the tragic loss of their star player at the start of the season to win a back-to-back state title.

“The story is undeniably beautiful,” she says. “We made it before the world was trying to wake up to what women go through. I don’t even know if I got the feminine power of it until I was standing on this loud volleyball court surrounded by women. We know we need it now.”

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And she had a special costar on set: her 13-year-old daughter Makena Lei! Makena played a small role in the beginning of the film — and mom isn’t discouraging her from getting in on the family business.

“She’s studying, she’s done plays. She studies dance five times a week. So she’s interested,” Hunt says. “I’m saying nothing. In my opinion my job is to say nothing! 90% say nothing is the job, I think.”

The Miracle Season is out now.