'Harry Potter' 's Evanna Lynch Shares Her Surprising Half-Marathon Training Playlist (Think Disney!)

Harry Potter's Evanna Lynch says she listens to Mulan's soundtrack while running

Photo: Getty

Forget Rocky. Forget “Eye of the Tiger.” Luna Lovegood turns to Disney heroes for her motivational beats.

Evanna Lynch, who played Lovegood in the last four Harry Potter films, is hitting the pavement on Sunday in the New York City Half Marathon to raise awareness for the World Animal Protection. So what’s on the Ravenclaw’s playlist?

“When the running gets tough, that’s when I need to put on my Disney soundtracks,” the actress tells PEOPLE. “The ones where they defy the odds.”

Any princess in particular? “Mulan, because she had to fight a war and pretend she was a man,” says Lynch, 24. “It’s so inspiring, so motivating. You picture her jumping across the logs, getting in banging shape.”

And the actress is getting in banging shape all while adhering to a vegan diet. Lynch, who is a passionate animal-rights activist, has been a vegan for over a year. However she was missing some favorite foods, like ice cream. Until recently.

“The ice cream is something I find hard to replace. But the Ben & Jerry’s vegan flavors are amazing. They nailed it,” she says.

“In my head, it’s ‘I’m allowed to eat all this ice cream now. Because I’m running so much.'” However, she has one caveat, “It’s so not good running fuel.”

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