Harrison Ford says he wants to reprise his role as the archaeologist, pending a good script

Star Wars: The Force Awakens hasn’t even hit theaters yet and Harrison Ford is already plotting his return to another huge franchise: Indiana Jones.

The actor said he’d be more than happy to reprise his role as the whip-carrying archaeologist for another film during an appearance on Good Morning America Tuesday.

“I would love to do another Indiana Jones and work with Steven [Spielberg] again,” Ford said. “If we get a script, I’d love to do it.”

The 73-year-old first portrayed Dr. Henry “Indiana” Jones in 1981, between the release of the second and third Star Wars films. The initial trilogy got a fourth installment with 2008’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Rumors of a fifth movie began to fly in January, just two years after Disney bought the rights to the film franchise from Paramount. At the time it was speculated that Chris Pratt might take over for Ford, but neither the actor nor the studio confirmed reports.

Ford told GMA he’d like to make director Spielberg’s wish come true – for another Jones before Ford turns 80 – and it was a sentiment he echoed on Live! With Kelly and Michael later Tuesday.

“I’m delighted,” he said of the prospect of a new movie. “If we get a good script – that’s always been the hard part. The willingness to do it is always there. They’re great movies.”

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In the meantime, Ford said fans can expect “wonderful” things from The Force Awakens.

“The genius of these films – the luck of these films – is that they’ve been passed on from generation to generation,” Ford said on Good Morning America. “In the 35 years since the first one, many generations have been introduced to these films by their parents. It’s a family experience and it’s really kept them alive.”