Raider of the Lost Cars! Harrison Ford Directs N.Y.C. Traffic: 'Let's Go, Get Out!'

"Let's go, get out!" Ford can be heard yelling on the video posted to TMZ

Indiana Jones has turned into a traffic cop.

Harrison Ford was spotted directing New York City traffic on Sunday, after his car got trapped in a backup around the Midtown tunnel. Part of the incident was caught on a video later posted to TMZ.

The Raiders of the Lost Ark star, who’s also no stranger to playing cops onscreen, was seen standing in the middle of a crowded intersection, waving his arms and shouting directions at a couple of vehicles blocking his ride.

“Let’s go, get out!” Ford can be heard yelling on the video.

The people recording the video can also be heard reacting in disbelief as they identified the actor. “It really is him?” a woman asks. “100%, Indiana Jones directing traffic,” replies a man.

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The Blade Runner 2049 star is clearly a master of both land and air travel, after being honored for his dedication to flying earlier this year in Boston.

The award, which he received just two months after being cleared in an investigation over a botched airplane landing, was given in recognition of his efforts to promote aviation to the youth of America through the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) and its Young Eagles Program.

Blade Runner 2049, which also starsRyan Gosling, hits theaters Oct. 6.

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