Hamilton on Disney+ Review: Lin-Manuel Miranda's Musical Is Filled with Magical Moments

Hamilton is now streaming Disney+

Photo: Disney+ Walt Disney Studios

The most deeply patriotic of shows will finally be available for millions to watch over the July 4 weekend.

This Pulitzer-winning musical about Founding Father Alexander Hamilton—performed by a cast composed almost entirely of people of color and featuring the crowd-pleasing phrase “Immigrants, we get the job done”—feels like a true celebration of the melting pot that is the United States. Of course, it’s difficult to translate the energy of live theater into the home theater, but this filmed stage production allows the audience to focus on each dynamic performance.

There are plenty of magical moments here, like when Daveed Diggs opens the second act as Thomas Jefferson returning from France in 1789 in “What Did I Miss?” or Leslie Odom Jr. (as Aaron Burr) performing the dazzling yet- sad plea “The Room Where It Happens.” The oft repeated line “You write like you’re running out of time” could be said to apply both to Hamilton (who was in his 40s when he died in a duel with Burr) and the prodigious Miranda himself, spinning reams of rich lyrics.

Mixing hip-hop, blues, R&B and traditional Broadway styles, he’s reinvented the musical. Hamilton isn’t a cure for the nation’s current level of vitriol, but it’s a timely tonic.

Hamilton is now streaming on Disney+.

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