Hamilton Disney+ Film Reviews Hail Movie as a 'Powerful' and 'Important Historic Artifact'

Hamilton will start streaming Friday on Disney+, just in time for the 4th of July weekend

Photo: Disney+ Walt Disney Studios

Fans around the world will finally get a front-row seat for Hamilton — and it doesn't disappoint.

Lin-Manuel Miranda's hit musical will make its small screen debut in a new movie set to stream on Disney+ on Friday.

Hamilton premiered on Broadway in 2015 with a breakout cast of people of color in a re-telling of the life of American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. It went on to win 11 Tony Awards and has been hailed as one of the greatest musicals of all time.

The story remains timely with its explorations of politics and reviews praise how the film elevates the musical.

"The new film version — shot between June 26-28, 2016— now stands as an important historic artifact in its own right. It is not just a recording of a significant theatrical performance, but a carefully crafted viewer experience. Revisiting the stage show in this format reveals new levels of genius in the show, with some moments playing even better in 2020 than they originally did in 2015. The Disney+ film version of Hamilton proves how powerful the show was in the first place and how great it is still is," wrote Meghan O'Keefe for Decider.

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"It’s hard to imagine a more receptive backdrop for a drama that ingeniously recasts the Founding Fathers as people of color, placing America’s oft-repeated 'nation of immigrants' rhetoric into the most literal terms imaginable. Nor can I think of a better moment for a musical that reminds us anew that the language of hip-hop is a language of protest," wrote Justin Chang for the Los Angeles Times. "Miranda’s rap-sodic historical epic may not save the soul of a battered republic, but its consolations are real, its pleasures revivifying, its emotional force galvanic. Arriving at a moment of intensifying darkness, it shines a light that is both warm and persistent."

"The movie ably captures everything that has made the play so highly acclaimed, from the rhythmic hip-hop dialogue that resonates like 21st-Century Shakespeare to the delightful cognitive dissonance of watching actors of color play ultra-white Americans. Miranda shines as Hamilton, a man of high ambition (if not infallible judgment) determined to play a part in an unpredictable experiment called America. Leslie Odom, Jr. i terrific as Aaron Burr – the cautious Salieri to Hamilton’s bold Mozart – while Daveed Diggs nearly steals the show as a cocky Thomas Jefferson in a purple frock coat (think Prince as a Founding Father). Phillipa Soo, as Hamilton’s wife, Eliza, gives the show an emotional center that helps it from becoming solely a clever retelling of history," wrote Rafer Gúzman for Newsday.

"For those who never made it to the Richard Rodgers Theatre while this configuration was still intact (including yours truly, who didn't see it until 2017), it's a treat to finally see for ourselves the performances that so stunned the world in 2015, and that were immortalized on the cast album that same year," wrote Angie Han for Mashable.

Hamilton is available to stream on Disney+ starting on July 3.

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