Halle Berry Returns to 'Bruised' Set One Week After Being Injured During Fight Scene Filming

An executive producer for the film has previously confirmed filming was postponed after Halle Berry was "slightly injured"

Halle Berry is back in action!

On Tuesday, the actress revealed she was back on the set of her upcoming movie Bruised, one week after an executive producer for the film confirmed they had to postpone filming because Berry was “slightly injured” during a fight scene.

“Swinging into some late night shenanigans at @theoceanac,” Berry captioned a post on her Instagram from set, smiling while wearing a cheetah print dress. “Loving my time here, thank you for hosting us! ✨ #BruisedTheMovie.”

She shared a few more snaps of the filming on her Instagram story, one video shot as the 43-year-old actress danced her way down an escalator at the casino.

In addition to starring in Bruised, Berry is making her directorial debut with the project.

The action flick follows the Oscar winner as a mixed martial arts fighter who is rebuilding her life and hoping to reconnect with her son.

Halle Berry
Halle Berry. Halle Berry/Instagram
Halle Berry
Halle Berry. Halle Berry/Instagram

Bruised has been filming in New Jersey.

Prior to shooting in Atlantic City, the crew was in Newark where they decided to postpone filming after Berry’s injury.

“Halle got slightly injured in the fight,” executive producer Brian Pitt told NJ Advance Media on Nov. 19. “She’s tired. She needed a break.”

Berry’s rep never responded to PEOPLE’s request for comment, but Pitt further explained that it was “nothing serious” and said rescheduling was not a problem.

“Occasionally what’s going to happen is an actor might get a little injured, and we might adjust scheduling around them a little bit,” Pitt said.

Halle Berry workout
Halle Berry/Instagram

Before her injury, Berry gave fans a peek at her training for the movie — and showed off her impressive ab muscles.

“There’s no better feeling than setting a goal and smashing it,” she wrote on Instagram, accompanied by a shot of herself smiling while showing off her incredibly defined stomach.

“One of my goals for #BruisedTheMovie? Ripped Abs. And today? I finally got them, and it feels unbelievable!” she wrote, as she encouraged her followers to set their own fitness goals. “The work won’t be easy, but that pay off? Worth every damn second.”

In addition to posting some videos of her workout that day — a challenging kettlebell routine — Berry also posted another photo of her chiseled physique on her Instagram Story, reminding her fans that “you can do it.”

Berry’s trainer went on to praise the star for her “inspiring” work ethic, detailing a few of the other ways the actress stays in shape.

“Halle is a beast,” explained performance coach Mubarak Malik on her Instagram Story. “I know this is Fitness Friday, but let me just tell you that she has been killing it every day.”

“She trains four hours a day, she’s intermittent fasting, she’s keto,” he added. “She does it every single day. I’m honored and she inspires me, so I’m sure she’ll inspire you as well.”

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