Gwyneth Paltrow Feels 'No Competitive Spirit' Towards Reese Witherspoon or Jessica Alba

On Wednesday, Paltrow hosted an event at Nobu Malibu for the launch of Bumble Bizz, where she said there was "no competitive spirit" between her and her fellow famous female entrepreneurs

Gwyneth Paltrow is tired of being pitted against her fellow famous female entrepreneurs.

On Wednesday, Paltrow and Erin and Sara Foster hosted an event at Nobu Malibu for the launch of Bumble Bizz — a new feature within the female-driven dating and networking app Bumble, which focuses on networking and mentorship — where Paltrow said there was “no competitive spirit” between her and her fellow celebrity businesswomen.

After discussing how there’s “an age-old, embedded in the DNA” idea that women instinctually don’t support each other, the 45-year-old Goop founder said that’s not the case in her life.

“I’ve actually been so fascinated by this,” Paltrow said, adding that although she’s often felt like “the media has tried to triangulate myself and Jessica Alba or myself and Reese Witherspoon, there is genuinely no competitive spirit between us.”

Bumble Bizz Los Angeles Launch Dinner At Nobu Malibu
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Paltrow then went on to explain why she thought people tried to create drama between her and other actresses who have created their own businesses.

“The instinct is women aren’t allowed to change. We’re comfortable with you in this public persona. Stay in your lane, and if you’re going to leave your lane we’re going to pit you against every other woman who is trying to do the same thing,” she continued.

“My personal opinion is that we need more women being entrepreneurial [and saying] I want to do something different, I want to be brave and having other women there to support them in the process.”

Terry Tsiolis/Goop

The Oscar-winning actress also opened up about why she decided to start her wildly successful lifestyle brand when she already had a very successful film career.

“It was weird, what happened was is it looked very glamorous on the outside and aspects of it were but I was doing three to five films a year, I was all over the place, ordering room service alone in some hotel in a random town for all of my twenties. And essentially, I had a child, I had my daughter and I didn’t want to do it anymore,” she said.

“I harbored this secret passion of doing something that I’m now on my way to building. I had this incredible passion for food and wellness and travel. I was very scared to start. I didn’t have any support. It was me in my kitchen in London trying to figure out WordPress and MailChimp and having no idea what I was doing!”

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Other guests at the event, co-hosted by Bumble Bizz Creative Heads Erin and Sara Foster, included Kim Kardashian West Jennifer Garner, and Molly Sims.

“We’re really honored to be a part of this company,” Erin said at the event. “What Bumble Bizz is doing is very important. Obviously we’re at a very interesting time for women in business. I think the climate is changing. It just coincides with this company that is empowering women and helping women empower each other.”

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