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March 26, 2014 12:35 PM

For the first time in a decade, Gwyneth Paltrow is back on the market.

In a joint letter posted to her lifestyle site GOOP, Paltrow and husband Chris Martin announced a “conscious uncoupling”, saying that “with hearts full of sadness … we have decided to separate.”

While Paltrow endures what she calls a “difficult time,” soon the day will arrive when the Shakespeare in Love Academy Award-winner decides she’s ready to begin dating again. And when that day comes, she’s going to need some advice. Luckily, she’s got the best source there is – her own filmography.

In movies both romantic (Bounce) and … otherwise (Se7en), Paltrow’s characters have learned valuable lessons about lust, trust and the nature of love. Below, a selection of wisdom from the Book of Paltrow.


Gwyneth plays: A headstrong young woman dealing with a string of suitors in Regency England

Lesson learned: Get a hobby – activities like archery are a great place to find a date.

Great Expectations

Gwyneth plays: A 20th-century version of Dickens’s spoiled Estella

Lesson learned: Any man who will endure a tracking shot for you is worth keeping.

Shakespeare in Love

Gwyneth plays: An Elizabethan noblewoman who secretly tries her hand at the stage

Lesson learned: When you want to switch things up, try dressing as a man – it’ll be hotter if he pretends he doesn’t know.

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Gwyneth plays: The devoted young wife of a hot-tempered cop

Lesson learned: Not every surprise that comes in a box is a good surprise, but don’t lose your head over it.

Sliding Doors

Gwyneth plays: A Londoner who experiences two alternate timelines thanks to a rapidly closing Tube door

Lesson learned: Don’t waste your time wondering what might have been (or who might have Ben).

The Iron Man Franchise

Gwyneth plays: The capable assistant to a charismatic billionaire-slash-superhero

Lesson learned: Indulge your mate, but know when to draw the line.


Gwyneth plays: A troubled mathematician dealing with the loss of her father

Lesson learned: Wait until the moment’s right before introducing your next boyfriend to your family.


Gwyneth plays: One half of a pair of lovers linked by tragedy

Lesson learned: In serious relationship discussions, avoid metaphors.

A Perfect Murder

Gwyneth plays: An unfaithful wife whose husband secretly plots to have her killed

Lesson learned: Cheating is wrong and you should never do it – but if you absolutely must, do it with Viggo Mortensen.

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Gwyneth plays: An academic on the trail of the literary discovery of a lifetime

Lesson learned: Never date a man who wears a turtleneck.

The Royal Tenenbaums

Gwyneth plays: A melancholy playwright raised in a family of child prodigies

Lesson learned: It’s not wrong if it’s your adopted sibling.

Country Strong

Gwyneth plays: An over-the-hill country singer trying to revive her career

Lesson learned: This one’s right in the GIF.

Below, watch a supercut of Gwyneth Paltrow’s best roles:

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