Gwyneth Paltrow Admits Her Husband Had to 'Convince' Her to Act Again: I Have a 'Big Day Job'

Gwyneth Paltrow briefly came out of her acting hiatus to star in her husband Brad Falchuk's new Netflix show, The Politician

Gwyneth Paltrow needed an extra push from her husband Brad Falchuk to return to acting.

The Goop CEO appeared on the Today show to talk to host Savannah Guthrie about her role in Netflix’s The Politician, revealing she had to be talked into into it by her partner. Falchuk is a producer and writer on Ryan Murphy’s anticipated high school political satire.

“He had to convince me a little bit, I’ve got a pretty big day job over at, so I sorta put acting on the back burner,” Paltrow told Guthrie. “But he was writing and he was like, ‘I think I’m writing a part for you.’ And I was like, ‘I don’t think I can do a part.’ And lo and behold, here I am.”

Once Paltrow, 46, agreed to the role opposite actors like Ben Platt and Jessica Lange, the actress says working with Falchuk, 48, turned out to be a great experience.

“It was the best. It was really easy,” she says. “I think when you trust someone so much and you love someone so much, and they know you so well and you know them, it’s really an interesting set of characteristics to bring to a workplace. So it was really nice.”

This isn’t the first time the two have worked together. The pair met on the set of Glee in 2010 (he co-created the comedy-drama and Paltrow played substitute teacher Holly Holliday). In 2011, Paltrow won an Emmy award for the guest-starring role.

Paltrow announced last month that she and the American Horror Story producer were finally moving in together nearly a year of marriage. Paltrow and Falchuk tied the knot at an intimate ceremony at her Hamptons home on Sept. 29 last year.

“Married life has been really good. We took a year to let everybody [in the family] take it in and let the dust settle. And now we’re moving in together this month,” Paltrow revealed in InStyle’s special 25th anniversary issue last month.

“I adore my husband. He’s brilliant and deeply kind. I feel like he’s a real equal too. And he pushes me in the best ways. I really like being married. It’s fun.”

The Politician lands on Netflix on Friday.

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