Find out why Adrien Brody's punching Ralph Fiennes in this exclusive clip from Wes Anderson's latest film

By Alex Heigl
Updated March 07, 2014 10:45 AM
Fox Searchlight/AP

It’s got unnecessary mustaches, funny hats and Willem Dafoe punching someone in the face.

No, it’s not a new bar in Brooklyn – it’s this exclusive clip from Wes Anderson’s latest film, The Grand Budapest Hotel.

The movie, Anderson’s eighth, stars Ralph Fiennes as M. Gustave, the concierge of the titular hotel. The plot of the film primarily revolves around one of the Grand Budapest’s guests (Tilda Swinton) leaving Gustave a priceless painting, and her son’s (Adrien Brody) attempts to prevent this. (Dafoe plays the family’s muscle-for-hire.)

Judging from the clip, The Grand Budapest Hotel looks to be finely detailed, semi-absurd and occasionally fraught. In short, it sounds like a Wes Anderson film, and we’re very excited to see it.

The Grand Budapest Hotel goes into limited release Friday.

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