Goldie Hawn on Working With Amy Schumer: 'We're Going to Hit the Balls Back and Forth'

Goldie Hawn will star alongside Amy Schumer in an untitled new mother-daughter comedy directed by Jonathan Levine

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She’s back!

Goldie Hawn is returning to the big screen for the first time since 2002 – and what better person to collaborate with than Amy Schumer.

“She’s amazing,” the actress, 70, told a group of reporters at the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability’s “The Champions of Our Planet’s Future” Gala in Los Angeles on Thursday about working with Schumer, 34, on their new mother-daughter comedy. “I just can’t think of a better movie than doing this with Amy.”

“We’re going to hit the balls back and forth,” she joked, already making it seem like she’s picked up a thing or two from the comedian. “Two women lost in the jungle. It’s going to be so much fun! I love her very much.”

Hawn last starred in the 2002 film The Banger Sister, and after “doing my foundation [The Hawn Foundation] for 13 years,” she said she couldn’t be more excited to get back to work.

“[Working on my Foundation is] the greatest thing I’ve ever done, ever,” she said. “It got to a point where I thought, gee, you know, it would be kind of fun to make people laugh again!”

She adds of her foundation that provides vital social and emotion programs for children to reduce stress and aggressive behavior, and focus on improving their academic performance, “I ll tell you, running a foundation is like running a business, it s very tough. That s going really well now. So I thought it would be really fun to do [this movie with] Amy Schumer, to play her mom.”

While the film, which will be directed by Jonathan Levine, is still yet to be named, Hawn promises it will definitely be one to keep your eyes peeled for.

“We’re getting ready to play a really, really funny movie together,” she said. “I’m extremely excited about it. It s going to be a blast!”

Hawn is no stranger to comedy – she starred in First Wives Club opposite Bette Midler and Diane Keaton, Housesitter with Steve Martin and Overboard alongside her longtime boyfriend of 33 years Kurt Russell – and she believes what better way to make herself happy than to get back to what she was put on Earth to do.

“I didn t ever look back on my career – I was doing something that just filled my heart,” said Hawn. “I was happy to not be in the makeup chair and I was happy to not be there, [but] I was excited about doing something new.”

She continues, “But the one thing that gets under your skin is the one thing that many times God gave you to do. So I felt, well, my career is amazing, but I m not doing this to reestablish a career, but I am doing it because it s one of the things that makes me happy. So that s what I m doing.”

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