Goldie Hawn broke her rule of never watching her old movies when she and Kurt Russell stumbled upon their movie Overboard on TV

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell had a special movie night recently.

On Sunday, the actress appeared on Watch What Happens Live, where host Andy Cohen asked if she ever revisits her old movies. While Hawn said she usually has a rule about not watching her movies because she's already "lived" them, she recently made an exception.

"There was one time when Kurt and I were actually in bed and we were getting ready to snuggle and the TV was on," Hawn said of her longtime love.

Hawn, 74, and Russell, 69, met in 1966 and started dating in 1983 before starring in the hit 1987 romantic-comedy, Overboard, together.

As Hawn recalled, the TV was originally on just to give the couple some ambient lighting while winding down, but their plans changed when they saw what was onscreen.

"It was us! It was us in Overboard," she said. "So the two of us forgot what we were gonna do, and we ended up watching the movie."

"It was so fabulous... how we started looking at what we did together," Hawn added. "It was great!"

Credit: Everett

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Hawn and Russell have been together for 37 years — and she recently told PEOPLE he still has a way with making her feel beautiful.

"The other night we were going to go have dinner. He looks at me and goes, 'You’re unbelievable,'" Hawn told PEOPLE during a cover shoot in February. "He said, 'I cannot believe how [beautiful] you look.' He really appreciates that."

The two “complement each other so well,” said daughter Kate Hudson. “Mom is kinetic and she is a butterfly, and Pa likes his family and his home. But when they’re together, it’s so powerful.”

“You want to stay in your power, but you also want to be forgiving. And you want to understand and have compassion for the other person,” Hawn said of relationships. “If you cannot do that, then you’re not giving yourself a real fair chance at a long-term relationship. And that’s a lesson that we all have to learn.”