Joaquin Phoenix Says He Was 'Tricked' into Golden Globes Press Room Interview

Joaquin Phoenix won the Golden Globe for best actor in a drama film Sunday night for his role in Joker

Joaquin Phoenix never holds back in an interview — especially one he wasn’t prepared for.

After winning the Golden Globe for best actor in a motion picture, drama for his acclaimed starring role in Joker during Sunday night’s ceremony, Phoenix, 45, appeared backstage in the press room and said that he was “tricked” into speaking to the reporters.

“I didn’t know I was gonna be up here,” he said. “Someone tricked me, he said to come take a picture in this room. So what’s going on?”

After the first question asked related to Phoenix’s preparations for Joker, the actor insisted that he’s answered that question before.

“Isn’t this old news?” he said. “I feel like I talked about this for six months. I’ve answered this question, do you want to hear a different version of the answer?”

Joaquin Phoenix
Joaquin Phoenix. Paul Drinkwater/NBCUniversal Media, LLC via Getty

However, Phoenix eventually detailed some of the preparation he underwent to nail his portrayal of Arthur Fleck, who becomes the infamous comic book villain.

“It was a long process, I think the way I worked on this was quite erratic,” Phoenix shared. “I didn’t attack it linearly. I was most curious about the medication that he was taking and the effects and side effects of the medication. That led us to realize that we had to have this fluctuation of weight.”

“I dug into understanding medication and the side effects of what he was taking so that was the beginning,” he continued. “I read several books about political assassins that share a similar personality type.”

Joaquin Phoenix in Joker
Joker (2019) Joaquin Phoenix. Niko Tavernise/Warner Bros.

Phoenix, who is a vegan and widely know for his animal rights advocacy, also discussed how this year’s ceremony marked the first time they served a vegan menu.

“I thought it was excellent,” he said. “I was so moved by the decision to make tonight plant-based. It was such an important step, the SAG Awards, Critics Choice Awards, Governor’s Ball and whatever else there is needs to do it as well. Animal culture is the third leading cause of climate change, uses 70 percent of the water and uses the most water.”

“The statistics are staggering and I think we’re coming to a point now where the evidence is irrefutable and undeniable,” he added. “I think now using animal product is no longer just a personal choice, it is having a drastic consequence on the rest of the world and all of us so I think it was incredibly brave and compassionate of the HFPA to make that bold decision and I really commend them for that.”

The 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards ceremony aired live on NBC from the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles on Sunday, Jan. 5.

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