Christian Bale's Fans Are Shocked to Discover He's British During Globes: 'He Has an Accent!?'

Christian Bale shocked many during the Golden Globes with his thick accent

Photo: Paul Drinkwater/NBC

As expected, Christian Bale won a Golden Globe Sunday night for his uncanny portrayal of Dick Cheney in Vice. Not expected? His thick British accent.

Bale has made his mark playing American characters in movies like American Psycho, the Dark Knight trilogy and now Vice. But the 44-year-old actor was actually born in Wales and has the accent to prove it!

Fans were shocked to hear what Bale’s voice actually sounds like when he accepted the trophy for best actor in a comedy or musical at the show. While the actor was busy thanking Satan for “inspiration” in playing the controversial politician, Twitter users were losing their collective minds.

“Christian Bale has an accent!? Am I the only one who didn’t know that!?” comedian Dana Goldberg wrote.

While others remembered but still feel like it’s a little too strong this time around.

“I knew Christian Bale was British but he sounded extra British tonight. Has his accent always been this strong?” another user wrote.

They also had fun trying to pinpoint what his accent reminded them of.

And some connected him to fellow thick-accented Brit Michael Caine, who he costarred alongside in The Dark Knight trilogy.

The 76th Golden Globe Awards aired live from the Beverly Hilton Hotel Sunday Jan. 6 on NBC.

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